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Flex Your Freedom

A formula that adds nutrients to help enhance joint mobility and support healthy inflammation*

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Flex Your Freedom
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Bioavailable Formula

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Gluten Free


No Artificial Additives

Third-Party Tested

Experience True Mobility

Sore, stiff joints keeping you from enjoying your favorite activities? If morning aches and limited mobility are your daily challenges, our supplement is crafted just for you.

  • Enhanced joint mobility: Facilitates easier and more fluid joint motion.*
  • Improved comfort in motion: Protects your joints during everyday activities and exercise.*
  • Diminished cellular inflammation for overall relief: Targets the root causes of joint discomfort.*
  • Improved cartilage health and resilience: Supports the long-term health and strength of joint tissues.*
  • Joint stiffness relief*: Helps alleviate common causes of joint stiffness and discomfort.*

Comfort in Every Move

All The Good Stuff In It, Backed by Science


To reduce pain and improve mobility in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.*

Chondroitin Sulfate

Aids in diminishing discomfort and enhancing joint functionality.*


Effective in reducing arthritis symptoms, particularly in reducing joint pain and inflammation.*


This organic sulfur compound is known to lessen arthritis-related pain and inflammation, and to aid in preserving the health of joints and connective tissues.*

Glucosamine Sulfate

Essential for constructing and rejuvenating cartilage.*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Erich B.

I felt the benefits of Flex Your Freedom within two weeks of starting the supplement. I now wake up, and my joints are ready to tackle a rigorous workout without any aches and pains. This is my new joint support!

Best joint supplement!

Whenever you can, just try it out. That's all I have to say. Just try it out. And I think once you do, you'll see why this has become a key part of my daily routine and maybe, it will become a key part of yours too. Being someone who loves staying active, maybe from all those hikes and bike rides, I've come to see how important joint health is. But with the busy rush of everyday life, do I always take care of that? Do I? Often, the answer is no. With Rütean's Flex Your Freedom, my chances of taking care of that have gone way up, all thanks to how easy it is to take just a couple of capsules. And you're good to go. This is the best product they have brought out in a while.

Caren A.

As someone who's clocked more hours in an office chair than on the dance floor, joint health began sounding more like a luxury than a given. That was until "Flex Your Freedom" found its way onto my shelf. Reminding me of the "older beat up human" who rediscovered movement, this supplement brought a similar solace. Two months in, and this supplement has cemented its place in my morning ritual. And on a lighter note, my old dancing shoes, collecting dust in the back of the closet, are now seeing the light of day more often. Could be a coincidence, or perhaps, just the magic of "Flex Your Freedom." Here's to dancing through life, one flexible step at a time.

Benjamin G.
Found my stride again

So, I've been an avid jogger for over a decade, and lately, my knees began telling tales of those many miles. It wasn't severe pain, just this nagging discomfort that made morning jogs feel like a chore. I chatted with a few pals, did my online deep dives, and stumbled upon Flex Your Freedom. Honestly, wasn't expecting a miracle, but thought 'Why not?'. I began taking them, and by the second week (always with breakfast because, you know, sensitive gut club!), there was this subtle shift. My knees felt lighter, less cranky. It's been about a month, and I've genuinely felt a difference. Now, are they magic? No idea, but they're doing something right for me.

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