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Real Feedback from Our Valued Customers

Discover how our formulas have impacted lives, with honest reviews from across our entire product range

Based on 42 reviews
These are amazing!

This product has been excellent for me. After 2 weeks of use, I've noticed a significant improvement in how my body feels. I have more energy, my appetite is healthy but more controlled, and my mental clarity has improved. It's genuinely been beneficial for my well-being.

Could not be happier

I like it, it makes me feel better. I have more energy, I sleep better.

Daily Greens
Hortense Lemaire

Je suis vraiment satisfaite de la composition du produit et de l'impact sur ma santé. Je passe une nouvelle commande immédiatement !

3 out of 5

I hate the taste when mixed with water, it has a bitter touch that I don't like, but this is a personal thing. I drink it mixed with a smoothie and it's more pleasant for me. Other than that, I'm happy.

Im hooked!

I've been incorporating super greens into my routine for several months, and I'm genuinely amazed by how much I've come to rely on it—something I never anticipated! It is a straightforward method to ensure I'm getting the necessary nutrients without the hassle of consuming loads of vegetables. I've noticed a significant improvement in my focus and alertness, and my skin has developed a noticeable glow.

Daily Greens

For anyone wondering, incorporating this powder into my morning routine has significantly improved my daily experience.

Gut Keeper
neutral verdict

I'm uncertain about my feelings towards this product. On some days, it seemed effective, while on other days, it didn't seem to work at all. Perhaps its effectiveness varies from person to person

Gut Keeper
Britney H.
Wonderful product

When I started including Gut Keeper in my daily regimen, I immediately felt a noticeable lift in my spirits – more energized and alive than before. It helped keep me regular, and I haven't experienced any bloating at all. Honestly, I'd recommend Gut Keeper to anyone looking for a boost in their well-being.

Gut Keeper
Marissa J.
The Best!

Not only did my digestion improve, but my skin cleared up remarkably. After just a few weeks, my complexion became smoother, and breakouts faded. It turns out, a healthy gut can do wonders for your skin too! Highly recommend this supplement for its dual benefits.


Hands down the best supplement you can add to your diet!! It did take a few weeks for the results to become apparent, but trust me, the wait is worth it. When you start feeling the positive changes, you'll be amazed you ever managed without it! And let's not forget the added perk of its affordability. It's vital to remember, we each get just one body, so nurturing your health should always be a priority!

Excellent Daily Greens

Previously, I had a subscription to AG1 costing over $70 monthly. Seeking a more budget-friendly option, I switched to Rutean Daily Greens. I've been using it for a week now. The results are similar to AG1. Going to get on a monthly subscription.

Gut Keeper
Brandon D.

I started off with a budget-friendly formula I bought at walmart, which was somewhat helpful, but once I switched to Gut Keeper, the difference was remarkable. My digestive issues, especially the bothersome gurgling sounds that used to keep me up at night, have greatly subsided. Not only am I sleeping better, but my energy levels during the day have noticeably increased. There's also been a positive shift in my mood. Highly recommend Gut Keeper for anyone struggling with similar issues.

Daily Greens
Samantha C.
Wonderful all around!

Not only gave me energy and helped my stomach, but actually tasted good. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, it was an apple, greens taste. Definitely going to keep taking.

Daily Greens
Rebecka V.
Love It

The flavor is enjoyable, and including it in my daily routine has significantly improved how I feel.


I felt the benefits of Flex Your Freedom within two weeks of starting the supplement. I now wake up, and my joints are ready to tackle a rigorous workout without any aches and pains. This is my new joint support!

Stephanie C.
Buy it!

As someone who frequently goes on long bike rides, I often face challenges with muscle soreness and calming down before sleep. This particular magnesium supplement has made a noticeable difference. My sleep quality has improved markedly, and muscle cramps have become much less frequent. Regularly taking this supplement at night has really improved my sleep quality and post-exercise recovery.

Looove it!!

I'm totally thrilled with this product! Battling low iron often leaves me feeling drained, but I've found this supplement really boosts my energy and keeps me focused all day long. Big cheers for Shroom Harmony!

Gut Keeper
Zoey F.
Works great

It didn't take long, just a few days, for me to feel the difference. My stomach, usually quite sensitive to any dietary changes, responded well to this product. The results have been remarkable: no more bloating, consistent regularity, and even my cravings have noticeably lessened.

Shroom Harmony
Stephanie C.

I've been combining these with their ashwagandha formula for the past 3 weeks. Surprisingly, I've felt more upbeat and overall better lately. However, I wish the price was a little lower.

I love this product

It has enhanced my sleep quality and positively impacted my overall well-being.

Irma S.
So much more energy

Approximately two weeks into the product. I've observed an improvement in my mood and an energy boost during work hours. I plan to maintain this daily regimen.

Best joint supplement!

Whenever you can, just try it out. That's all I have to say. Just try it out. And I think once you do, you'll see why this has become a key part of my daily routine and maybe, it will become a key part of yours too. Being someone who loves staying active, maybe from all those hikes and bike rides, I've come to see how important joint health is. But with the busy rush of everyday life, do I always take care of that? Do I? Often, the answer is no. With Rütean's Flex Your Freedom, my chances of taking care of that have gone way up, all thanks to how easy it is to take just a couple of capsules. And you're good to go. This is the best product they have brought out in a while.

Veronica O.
Works great!

I take it before heading to bed, and based on my watch's data, I experience a significant increase in deep sleep duration.

Sandra H.
Love it!

A comprehensive choice, highly recommended for B-complex.

Gut Keeper
Ava R.
These work!!

I discovered this product during a late-night quest on Google, seeking a supplement to support my weight loss mission. With a blend of hope and skepticism, I took the leap, aspiring to shed some persistent pounds. To my astonishment, it emerged as a hidden boon, bestowing benefits that extended beyond my initial anticipation! Before, a mere slice of pizza would plunge my stomach into turmoil for hours, which was quite disheartening. However, after integrating this supplement into my daily routine twice, my belly no longer throws a fit when I succumb to my pizza cravings! Additionally, the chronic bloating that I used to endure has significantly diminished. Now, as the container nears emptiness, I'm eagerly preparing to hit the 'reorder' button!